Week of February 8th


- Congratulations to all the students who participated at the Solo/Ensemble Contest this past Saturday.  GHS Band students did amazingly well.  83 out of 98 events earned a first division medal, and 57 students qualified for the State Solo/Ensemble Contest in May.  

- Make sure you are up to date with your Band Trip payments.  Please speak with Mr. Beshears if you have any questions.  

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- Keep track of your schedule using the Calendar link.  There are instructions on how to sync the calendar to your personal device if needed.  


Monday - Full Orchestra 3:00-4:30;
                Symphonic (SYM) Woodwind 3:00-4:30;
                Wind Ensemble (WE) Woodwind 3:00-4:30;
                Wind Symphony (WY) Saxes 2:45-3:45;
                WE Percussion 5:00-6:00;
                Chamber 6:00-8:30

Tuesday - SYM Brass 3:00-4:30;
                WE Brass 3:00-4:30;
                WS Low Brass/Bassoon 2:45-4:00;
                WS Trumpet 4:00-5:00

Wednesday - Homework & Practice!!!

Thursday - Homework & Practice!!!

Friday - Homework & Practice!!!

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